Sedalia Blues
Sedalia Blues [2016]

His eighth solo album, recorded in Australia.

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Stones [2012]

A 5 track acoustic EP, released 2012

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Sunday Morning Tunes
Sunday Morning Tunes [2011]

A 5 track ep of unreleased and alternate takes

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Footsteps - A Collection [2011]

14 remastered tracks from six previous releases, some now out of print. Cletis calls it his "greatest non-hits album".

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The ABC Sessions
The ABC Sessions [1999]

Recorded at the famed ABC studios in Sydney and Melbourne, and featuring guest artists such as Kevin Bennett [The Flood], Michael Vidale [The Whitlams], Chris Stockley [The Dingoes], and Garrett Costigan [Paul Kelly].

Wooden Nails
Wooden Nails [1992]

A cross-section of country rock & what would become known as Americana music. Recorded in Melbourne with guests Chris Copping [Procul Harum], and Tim Millikan [Divinyls, Concrete Blonde]

Tales of Ordinary Madness
Tales of Ordinary Madness [1991]

Pure acoustic bliss, with minimal overdubs. Includes covers of Nick Lowe's "What's So Funny", and T-Bone Burnett's "After All These Years"

Colourblind [1988]

His first Australian release, featuring Rose Tattoo legends, Peter Wells and Mick Cocks.

Visible Tracks
Visible Tracks [1985]

His debut solo release, 6 tracks of power-pop and roots rock. Recorded in Eugene Oregon, featuring legendary Portland radio DJ, Bill Prescott on lead guitar.